Yoga Booty Ballet is Back!

Yoga Booty Ballet: A fun and funky fusion of cardio dance, ballet conditioning, yoga, and meditation

Date: Jan 20, 2012 to Mar 02, 2012 Time: 06:45 PM to 07:45 PM Day(s): Fri with Courtney, certified Yoga Booty Ballet instructor

Yoga Booty Ballet is a fun, sexy and spirited workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Work your body, engage your mind and lighten your spirit as you practice this East-meets-West amalgam of meditation, cardiovascular dance, ballet, Kundalini and hatha yoga.The results are immediate and long term. Students consistently complete class feeling better about themselves than when they arrive.
The meditation element serves to focus busy minds as well as awaken dull ones.  The dance portion improves cardiovascular endurance, promoting weight loss and improved body composition.  The ballet section increases strength and agility, building muscle and bone density. The yoga sections promote flexibility, balance and inner wellness.  Classes are fun and easy to follow, designed to draw out individual self-expression in a comfortable, non-competitive environment.Various dance styles explored include jazz, hip hop, burlesque, Latin, Bollywood, go-go, and more.

Come dance, play, and fall in love with your body!

* No Class February 17, 2012 — enjoy Mardi Gras! :)

[photos courtesy Yoga Booty Ballet]