UPDATE 9/3/2011 5:58 🙂 WE’VE GOT JUICE! The power is back on, all yoga & Pilates classes as scheduled starting Tuesday, Sept. 4!

UPDATE 9/1/2012 11:47PMStill now power. :{ Hope you are all seeing signs of normalcy returning in your neighborhoods and are enjoying the extra time off with the kids. Will update again tomorrow, or as soon as the power comes back, whichever happens first. Namasté!

UPDATE 8/31/2012 11PM Still no power at the studio and it’s stuffy, steamy hot in the asana room. 🙁 Please pre-register for classes in Mindbody; that way, you will get an email if the class you want to attend is canceled on the schedule. Otherwise, keep your eye on the schedule link for updates on canceled classes. Hey, look — a bunny!


UPDATE 8/30/2012 4:44PM Still no power at the studio. 🙁 Continue to keep your eye on the schedule link for updates on canceled classes. Meanwhile, stock up on mosquito repellent, be careful lifting and moving debris and breathe! 🙂

UPDATE 8/29/2012 9:23PM There’s no power at the studio; please keep your eye on the schedule link for updates on canceled classes. 10AM Hatha yoga and Belly Dance for Health are canceled Aug. 30; we will post again by noon Aug. 30 regarding evening yoga classes. Belly Dance for Health: in order to accommodate the make-up classes, we will plan to meet from 6-7:30 PM Sept. 6 AND Sept. 13 at the Beach Club venue.

Move along, Isaac, there’s nothing left to see here. Stay safe, everyone, and remember to breathe! 🙂

UPDATE 8/27/2012 noon: All classes canceled this evening, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday early AM. Please join us Thursday, August 30 at 10AM for Michele’s Hatha or 7:15PM for Don’s Hatha yoga classes. Whether you choose to evacuate or ride out the storm, please be safe and remember to BREATHE! Namasté!

Classes as scheduled through noon Monday, Aug 27; will update again Monday morning. :breathe: 🙂


Thursday’s Belly Dance for Health is meeting at new venue through Sept. 13: 6000 Cleveland Place, Metairie LA 70003

Good news!  Iona’s ankle is feeling better, she’s up for shimmying, shaking and dancing Thursday evening!  We will hold a make-up class Thursday, Sept. 13 for the missed class last week.

Belly Dance for Health is moving to a new venue for the duration of the Aug 02, 2012 to Sep 13, 2012 class.  We’ll meet at Beach Club of Metairie, 6000 Cleveland Place, Metairie LA 70003.  All registered participants will receive an email, but wanted potential drop-ins to know, too!  🙂

Come join us!