stretch, get inspired, breathe | Kripalu yoga w/ Courtney starts Nov 5! MWF 9:30-10:30AM

Stretch yourself, get inspired, and breathe in this class that encourages safe alignment, personal modifications, and present-moment awareness.  Through the regular practice of Kripalu Yoga, students develop strength, balance, and flexibility, not only in the muscles, but in the nervous system, immune system, heart, and mind as well.  Each class includes a few moments of centering and pranayama (breath work), pratapana (warm-ups and stretches),  asana (yoga poses), and savasana (a final period of guided relaxation).  Students of all experience levels are invited to attend.

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Courtney is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level and is currently working toward her 500 hour professional certification. Embracing the Kripalu philosophy, Courtney leads classes with warmth and authenticity, encouraging a deep connection to self, present-moment awareness, and personal inquiry. A certified Complementary Healthcare Practitioner, Courtney draws on more than 10 years of personal yoga practice, 25 years of dance training, and extensive personal study in the areas of nutrition, energy healing, and other therapeutic modalities to create a class experience that is holistic, sacred, creative, and light-hearted. Her intention is to let the “true teacher” teach, allowing each individual to find his or her own connection to self and spirit on the yoga mat and beyond. In addition to Yoga classes, Courtney leads yoga-dance fusion classes. She is trained and licensed in Yoga Booty Ballet by its creator, Gillian Clark, and in Yoga Trance Dance by master teacher and pioneer yogini Shiva Rea.

“I invite my students to meet themselves where they are and give themselves permission to experience whatever arises; to challenge themselves and to recognize that sometimes the challenge is to back off and let go. Kripalu Yoga helps to take us out of habitual, programmed ways of being, and into authenticity. It is my wish to offer experiences on the yoga mat that can be taken into daily life.”

Deep Relaxation through Yoga Nidra w/ Brooke

Nidra is a Sanskrit word which means “sleep.” Yoga nidra can be described as “yogic sleep” or complete effortlessness combined with awareness. This ancient technique is designed to systematically induce deep mental, physical, and emotional relaxation.

Our 75 minutes together will include light stretching and yoga postures followed by a guided yoga nidra session. During the yoga nidra portion of the practice, you will lie on your back and be directed to move your awareness to different parts of the body, opening you to deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. In our session you will experience a complete approach to restoring your body, renewing your mind, and relieving the cumulative effects of stress. No experience is necessary, all are welcome.

11/7/2012 From: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm and/or
12/12/2012 From: 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm

75 minutes, $20.