July workshops: Beginners’ Yoga & The Pilates Workout

Beginners’ Yoga


This session offers instruction in a sequence of basic yoga postures, proper alignment and the power of connecting breath with movement to build students’ confidence, flexibility and strength. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, students are provided with personal attention, a slow pace and the information and support needed to develop a strong basic foundation in yoga that builds from Week 1 through Week 4.

Led by Rolf VanAnders, an adjunct faculty member at the Delgado Wellness Center and on staff at the LSUHSC Medical Complex, students will benefit from Rolf’s more than 20 years experience working with top fitness centers and universities in the New Orleans Metro area. 4 classes, $50

The Pilates Workout

Rolf has teamed up with Namaste of Metairie to bring his highly effective Pilates Workout (developed at the LSU Medical Complex) to our community! The Pilates Workout is a series of 4 classes that will awaken and empower your core-strength while incorporating a full-body workout at each class. Students will also learn the history and theory of Pilates as well as the very important secret of the Pilates/yoga connection. 4 classes, $50

Mondays/Wednesdays in July, 7:15PM, $50/4-class workshop