A note from Courtney as she prepares for her 500-hour CYT

When I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification 5 years ago, I knew that I was at the very tip of the iceberg; there was so much still to be learned, so many more layers to peel away. I’m excited to return to the Kripalu Center in the mountains of my home state and immerse myself as a student of Yoga again. This training module is one of four required to become certified at the 500-hour level, and is led by some of my favorite Kripalu instructors. During the program, I will dive deeper into the study of the physical and energy bodies for a multidimensional understanding of yoga. I will take a closer look at the anatomical principals of alignment and how to safely instruct more advanced postures. I will also be studying the energy centers and pathways in the body, how yoga accesses multiple layers of being,  and how to better use yoga as a tool for improving health. I’m looking forward to this intensive training, and to sharing my new knowledge and inspiration with my students when I return!   — Courtney


Yoga instructors invest a great deal of time and personal expense in their training.  Instructors who continue beyond their 200-hour certification demonstrate a sincere commitment to their own personal practice as well as to the studios where they teach and the students they instruct.

We are thrilled to support Courtney as she returns to Kripalu in pursuit of her 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) training later this month. Courtney’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 a.m. classes are temporarily canceled during the dates of her training, and we look forward to her return!

Live, love, teach: Lauren is off to complete her 200-hour CYT!

Yoga instructors (like photographers! :lol:) invest a great deal of time and expense training in their craft.  Certification is especially important and valuable to both yoga studios and the students who practice in them.

We are thrilled to support our power yoga instructor Lauren as she embarks on her journey to complete her Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) training later this month. Lauren will be in intensive training at Wild Abundant Life with Deborah Williamson, who trained under Baron Baptiste, in a power vinyasa style.

Those of you who have been to Lauren’s powerful moving meditation class understand that our studio is sooooo lucky to have her!  Her passion for yoga is infectious and her personal practice inspires us to one day be as gracefully strong as she demonstrates in the front of the room.  We can’t wait to see what new ideas and knowledge she’ll be bringing back to the studio on her return, and we invite all of you who are interested in power yoga to join us!

Want to see Lauren’s power yoga class offered at a different time when she returns?  Click “email us” from the menu bar above and let us know your request for days and times.

Bon voyage, Lauren!