Yoga is more than the poses that we do. It is a process of understanding and respecting yourself and those around you. It is the cultivation of humility and generosity. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you a joyous class.

Please be on time
Arriving a few minutes early to class gives you the opportunity to meditate or stretch and prepare yourself for your class. Speak softly out of respect to all those in the studio. If you arrive late, please wait to enter the asana room until after meditation/chanting. The teacher will help you find a space. If you must leave early, do so before savasana so as not to disturb your fellow students.

Please sign in every time
Please make this a part of your practice. Print legibly as to ensure that we get an accurate reflection of student attendance. This is how your teacher is paid.

Remove your shoes 
Please remove your shoes before entering the studio’s asana room as a way of respecting the ancient tradition of the East and to provide a clean floor on which to practice.

Inform your teacher about any injuries before class begins
This is the only way for the teacher to know how to adjust you and give modifications.

Practice on an empty stomach
To ensure to get all of the benefits of your yoga practice, we recommend that you refrain from eating 2 hours before class time.  Try not to drink water during class. This will maintain the internal heat of your body. Drink plenty of room temperature water after class.

Purchase a yoga mat
Although we provide yoga mats for you to borrow, they are primarily for new students. We recommend, for your own personal hygiene, that you purchase your own mat. Owning your own mat is a commitment to your practice.

Cleanliness is divine
Respect your body temple and those around you. Wash your yoga mat regularly with hot, soapy water. Also, please refrain from wearing perfume or fragrance to class.

Silence your cell phones
We understand that there are times in which you need to be available; yoga class is not one of them. Step onto your mat fully liberated from the world of constant communication which we all love and dedicate the hour solely to yourself and your practice.  You’ll be so glad you did.