Texas Yoga Retreat, Austin

Immerse yourself in a fun, relaxing weekend of yoga and ashram living with other yoga enthusiasts. Discover a community of like-minded students and teachers who wish to strengthen their connection with one another and share ideas, information and inspiration from all styles and schools of yoga. The retreat features teachers who represent many distinct styles of Yoga. Some classes are gentle and restorative; others are rigorous and will push you to your edges, and some are that delicate balance between. Classes are suitable for all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced / teacher / aspiring teachers. Do as much or as little yoga as you would like. Take a walk to Friday Mountain, read a book, have yummy vegetarian food, sit in the gorgeous and peaceful Temple, visit the peach and flower orchards, commune with peacocks, make new, like-minded friends. Click here to download the .pdf poster for the event, or here for more information.

If interested in attending, please coordinate with Don to take advantage of the 15 percent discount!



Conscious Connected Breathing


20130906-074749.jpg This technique facilitates letting go of stress, anxiety and stored suppression, creating the possibility for freedom, profound relaxation, improved breathing and self-acceptance. The workshop includes a complete explanation of the process, one breathing session, and the processing of experiences — all within a safe, private, and loving environment.

Conscious: We do too many things unconsciously, almost instinctively; we breathe “normally” and take breathing for granted. In fact, when we are stressed or panicked, we actually stop breathing. In the CCB process, we focus on our the breath. Breathing becomes a circular technique by which we allow the breath to move in an unrestricted way, taking in as much oxygen as possible.

Connected: Here we keep the flow ofbreathing (inhaling and exhaling) in a natural, unbroken rhythm. This creates an opening to the subconscious mind and allows stored suppression to surface. These are often negatively repressed emotions, memories and energy blockages. As these arise into our conscious awareness, we then have the opportunity to relax into and accept whatever, wherever, and however it is happening, thereby integrating (healing) them at the cellular level quickly, effectively and permanently.

Breathing: The key here is that the entire process occurs naturally; we reduce and release anxiety and stress in a drug free manner. CCB is a safe, effective and permanent healing technique, and it opens the door to self-awareness, self acceptance and self-love.

A native to New Orleans, Jack Fontana is a professional breathwork practitioner. Since 1985, he has expanded his practice to both teaching and participating in breathwork seminars across the U.S. He is a licensed massage therapist, nationally certified through the NCBTMB 2013, state licensed #0076, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, as well as an artist.

Monday, September 23, 6:30-8:30 pm, $54