Safety Assessment: brief yet comprehensive 1-on-1 with RN, RYT

The body of scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of yoga is growing steadily. More and more people are turning to yoga for relief from physical pain, improved energy levels, elevated mood, and a calmer mind. Research supports these — and many other — benefits from yoga. Recent literature has also raised concerns about the risks of yoga.

Don Meyer, RN, CYT

At Namasté of Metairie, we have a unique program to personalize your practice so you achieve your health and fitness goals within the context of your existing health, all while minimizing risks. Call us to schedule a private one-on-one Yoga Health and Safety Assessment with Donald Meyer, our Registered Yoga Teacher who is also a practicing Registered Nurse.  Don incorporates his knowledge of anatomy, physiology and yoga principles and practice into a brief yet comprehensive consultation that  includes a medical and surgical history, social history, exercise history, physical assessment, fitness goals and medication review. Don will identify yoga practices that best support your individual goals and recommend modifications to practices based on your health profile.

Safety is paramount to all of us and we are proud to offer this service to our valued students. Our commitment to you is to work as a team to insure that your experience with us is always positive and safe. If you have health concerns that you believe may impact your yoga practice, we encourage you to consider scheduling a Yoga Health and Safety Assessment.

The Yoga Health and Safety Assessment is not intended as a substitute for medical care, nor is it intended to diagnose or treat health conditions.